10 Reasons Why We All Love Brunch


If you’re anything like me, when you brunch you brunch to win. That means when you’re faced with the decision of choosing between a Bloody Mary or a momo (or whatever pet name you call mimosas), you choose option c) both. You also feel no shame explaining that chicken and waffles with a maple thyme glaze was the highlight of your entire weekend. And, most importantly, you don’t leave the brunch table when you’re full. You leave it when you’ve tamed your hangover, made sense of your night, taken Snapchats aplenty and consumed all of the available carbs. In short, you freaking love brunch. Here are a few of the reasons why.

  1. You feel classy no matter what. There is just something about brunch that feels fancy, even if it took half a can of dry shampoo and pep talk from your best friend to get you there. Perhaps it’s the dainty little champagne flutes or the sunflower centerpieces, but there is something about brunch that makes us feel like our best selves, even when we’re quite literally the opposite.
  1. The food options are literally doubled. Breakfast+ Lunch= Brunch which also = double the food possibilities. Sometimes when it’s 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday you want eggs benedict, while other mornings you’re fiending for a five-cheese grilled cheese. Brunch doesn’t make you choose one mealtime. Brunch understands.
  1. It gives you a totally acceptable way to keep drinking. The one accessory that no girl ever forgets to bring to brunch is a hangover. While the severity of said hangover may vary, the fact that at least 75% of the people at your table will have one does not. But, thankfully, brunch gives us the ultimate cure: more alcohol. It eases our pain in a way that is not only acceptable, but also delicious.
  1. You can stay forever. Brunch is one of those magical things where nobody has any idea how long it’s going to take. Unlike other meal times that have more structure and play by the rules of society, brunch can range anywhere from two hours to six hours and has no problem being an all-day event.
  1. Brunch waiters/ waitresses are the best. That’s because they know what’s up. They know that you’re going to be hungover, scream-whispering obscene things across the table and posted up for several consecutive hours. Even for all of this, your waitress might become your new best friend, as she can see the pain behind your eyes and will be a nonstop flow of alcoholic breakfast treats and silent sympathy. If you’re really lucky, she won’t openly judge you when you ask her to take that group pic of your squad. #brunchingwithmybitchez #brunch
  1. It’s the perfect place to try out trends. So you have this pair of sunglasses and you can’t tell if you look like Kylie Jenner or Willy Wonka. The perfect place to try this risky trend? Brunch. Need a place to wear that floppy hat that is not nearly as practical as it is cute? Brunch. Wearing an oversized sweater and leggings because that’s all you can handle? Brunch.
  1. It gives you a chance to corroborate your stories. While Snapchat inventing the MyStory was basically the best possible development in the fight against blackouts, there is only so much your phone can tell you about your night. That’s where brunch comes in—it gives you a chance to interview the witnesses. We often brunch with those who we went out with the night before and that’s a great thing, because you can figure out who “Brother Notre Dame red shirt” is and why you kept sending him unicorn emojis.
  1. It gives you a new opportunity to enjoy your favorite places. Brunch is a movement and more and more places are starting to serve it on the weekends. Unless your favorite restaurant has been hiding under a rock for the majority of 2015, odds are they have brunch and you have another reason to love them.
  1. It brings your Instagame to new heights. Basically all you have to do is not pick a bad filter and you’re good to go. That’s because it is a scientific fact (?) that everybody loves a good brunch pic. You can crowd source the table to help come up with a clever caption and then once you post it, you can sit back and let the likes just shower over you.
  1. You somehow feel accomplished. Yeah, in reality all you did was move from one location to another where you continued to sit, eat and be a sub par version of yourself, but when you get up to leave and continue with your half-speed day, you feel like you did something meaningful with your time. Give yourself a nice round of applause for crushing another successful weekend and multiple rounds of mimosas.

This article was originally published on Thought Catalog on December 5th, 2015. 

11 Signs It’s Your First Job

i have no idea

You literally address everybody as if they’re the President. Well, sir, I was hoping, but by no means expecting, that I could possibly excuse myself for a moment or two so that I might retrieve a light refreshment. Translation: BRB, I’m gonna get a snack.

You posted a #humblebrag Instagram the day you accepted your job. And those fellow PGs who already had jobs were like, “Hey, welcome to the club!” and those who did not yet have jobs may have double-tapped, but were also like “Real talk: go fuck yourself.”

You double-check your grammar on everything you send (because you don’t want them to think they hired an idiot.) Is it “Beyoncé and I would be best friends” or “Me and Beyoncé would be best friends” ?

Maintaining your social life becomes a lot harder. Having a nap > having friends

You’re super-aware of what everyone else wears to the office. Because you’re trying to find the line between “business casual” and “business professional” and once and for all conclude that leggings are in the no-fly zone.

Each time you get a paycheck and see the taxes taken out, it feels like the first time. BUT HAS SOMEBODY TOLD YOU ABOUT MY STUDENT LOANS, THOUGH.

Coffee becomes your main bitch and your side bitch. All I need in this life of sin, is me and my Dunkin’. (Me and my Dunkin’.)

You’re expected to care about having bennies (benefits), but literally have no idea what that means.Yeah, healthcare seems really important and cool and I totally respect that, but tbh I still go to a pediatrician and I got a spot reserved on my parents’ policy until I’m 26, so I’ll figure this whole thing out later.

You’re constantly unsure about how much you should share with your coworkers. Do I admit that I’m hung-over AF right now? That literally nothing in the world would make me happier than lying on the ground underneath my desk, using my mouse pad as a pillow?

You implement the same sneaky methods you used during class to take Snapchats on the low. And have perfected your, “Oh hey, coworker I was trying to take a picture of, I totally wasn’t doing that, this is the Weather Channel app” face.

You literally have nightmares about hitting “Reply All”. *wakes up at 4 a.m. in a cold sweat*I DIDN’T MEAN TO SEND ‘SURE, SOUNDS GUCCI’ TO 54 OTHER PEOPLE.”

This article was originally published on the Daily Post Grad

17 Times That Game of Thrones Described Your Semester

When you spotted a hottie from across the bar

pretty lad

When you rallied the pregame and headed to the bar

forward march

When you went to your professor’s office hours and they were a total hardo


When you thought about your life too long and started feeling all of the feels


When you ran into the kid you hooked up with the night before at breakfast


When it was 2 a.m. and someone asked for some of your pizza

no no no

When you were hung over on Sunday and someone asked if you were going to the library


When you watched a boy attempt to open a bottle of wine

teach you

When you tried on those white jeans from last spring

got fat

When your friends were salty that you snuck into the bar without paying cover


When a guy offered to teach you how to play Kings

i know how

When you texted your crush and he didn’t respond


When you remembered you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man

men must die

But then he texted you back and said something pretty cute


When your parents tried to talk to you about life after college


wellsuited or work

When the bartender made a comment about how you’ve never missed happy hour

drunk all the time

When you posted this article on your friend’s wall and she didn’t think it was funny

watch got

This article was originally posted on Her Campus Fairfield‘s website on May 5th, 2015.

12 Signs That The Real World Is Right Around the Corner


1. Your inbox is flooded with job search engine e-mails. Basically serving as constant notifications that say, “You still don’t have a job! You should probably get one!”

2. Your countdown app goes from counting the days until spring break to counting the days until graduation. What once served as a way to measure the distance between you and endless margaritas now acts as the perfect way to measure the distance between you and post-grad depression!

3. Every time you and your friends do something somebody says “Guys, what if this the last time…” What if this is our last real snow day? What if this is the last time we get brunch at this place? What if this is the last time all of us are wearing these exact outfits, listening to this exact song, drinking these exact flavors of iced coffee? Dramatic? Maybe. Real? All too real.

4. When you’re at happy hour, people assume you are a young working professional and not a college kid. Um, excuse me, bartender, I don’t know if you noticed but I am currently wearing leggings and this eyeliner is blatantly leftover from last night, so I’m going to need you to go ahead and card me.

5. You have a well-rehearsed, knee jerk response to the question “So what are you doing next year?” You’ve had this bullshit response memorized for months and can recite it as automatically as the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s filled with vague buzzwords like “considering” and “exploring” and it lasts for several sentences while successfully communicating absolutely nothing.

6. You’re suddenly envious of freshmen. Sure, they’re probably still in the middle of a dramatic saga with their high school ex and can’t get into any parties on campus, but that said their biggest concern for next year is what color scheme they’re going to use to decorate their dorm while you’re stuck Googling “What is health insurance?”

7. Your post-grad friends start texting you cryptic messages about “the end.” You: Yeah, senior year has been a blast so far! Post-grad friend: That’s good. Just enjoy it while it lasts! You: Haha yeah, I plan on it J Post-grad friend: No. Seriously. Savor every last drop of freedom while you still can.

8. You realize that Thirsty Thursdays are about to go extinct. And you start waking up on Friday mornings with soul-crushing hangovers and a renewed sense of anxiety about your future.

9. Your dad makes you fill out your own tax return paperwork. Because he wants you to be ready for the real world and apparently this is the kind of miserable, unavoidable activity that real life adults do.

10. Your parents start making jokes about being your new roommates. And this makes you actually suck it up and start reading those job search engine e-mails.

11. You start becoming more concerned with where your friends are from and how far the drive is from where you live. Wait, so how many hours away is that? 8? Well, at least gas is cheap… and FaceTime is a thing.

12. The thought occurs to you that maybe you should figure out things like doing laundry on a regular basis and not considering “drunk food” an actual food group. But what other category does Goldfish dunked in Nutella fall under?

This article was originally published on Her Campus Fairfield’s website on April 1st, 2015. 

TV Show of the Week: Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders

This week’s TV Show of the Week is a BBC Original called Peaky Blinders. The show premiered in September of 2013, but has started gaining momentum and popularity by the end of the 2014.

What it’s about: The show takes place in post World War I Birmingham, which is a tough industrial city in England. The show follows one family, The Shelby’s, whose members comprise a notorious gang that goes go by the name The Peaky Blinders. Basically the show follows their attempts to gain financial and social power within the city by way of becoming legal bookkeepers. That said, the ways in which they go about this rise to power are very rarely legal and for that, incredibly entertaining.

This show might remind you of: Boardwalk Empire, The Dark Knight

Why you should get into it:

It’s a really well done period piece: the clothes, the haircuts and the props are all on point.
The show is based off of a real story. Google it.
The seasons are totally manageable. There are only 6, hour-length episodes per season, and there are only 2 seasons (the third comes out this fall).
The soundtrack is amazing. The show features modern music even though it takes place in a different time period. (Picture this: a gang of attractive British guys who have just finished fighting in an epic street fight are rounding the corner in slow motion as “Do I Wanna Know?” by the Arctic Monkeys is blasting in the background.)
Girls and guys alike will love it. There’s something for everybody.

Where you can watch it: Netflix

This article was originally published on Her Campus Fairfield‘s website on March 2nd, 2015.