17 Times That Game of Thrones Described Your Semester

When you spotted a hottie from across the bar

pretty lad

When you rallied the pregame and headed to the bar

forward march

When you went to your professor’s office hours and they were a total hardo


When you thought about your life too long and started feeling all of the feels


When you ran into the kid you hooked up with the night before at breakfast


When it was 2 a.m. and someone asked for some of your pizza

no no no

When you were hung over on Sunday and someone asked if you were going to the library


When you watched a boy attempt to open a bottle of wine

teach you

When you tried on those white jeans from last spring

got fat

When your friends were salty that you snuck into the bar without paying cover


When a guy offered to teach you how to play Kings

i know how

When you texted your crush and he didn’t respond


When you remembered you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man

men must die

But then he texted you back and said something pretty cute


When your parents tried to talk to you about life after college


wellsuited or work

When the bartender made a comment about how you’ve never missed happy hour

drunk all the time

When you posted this article on your friend’s wall and she didn’t think it was funny

watch got

This article was originally posted on Her Campus Fairfield‘s website on May 5th, 2015.

12 Signs That The Real World Is Right Around the Corner


1. Your inbox is flooded with job search engine e-mails. Basically serving as constant notifications that say, “You still don’t have a job! You should probably get one!”

2. Your countdown app goes from counting the days until spring break to counting the days until graduation. What once served as a way to measure the distance between you and endless margaritas now acts as the perfect way to measure the distance between you and post-grad depression!

3. Every time you and your friends do something somebody says “Guys, what if this the last time…” What if this is our last real snow day? What if this is the last time we get brunch at this place? What if this is the last time all of us are wearing these exact outfits, listening to this exact song, drinking these exact flavors of iced coffee? Dramatic? Maybe. Real? All too real.

4. When you’re at happy hour, people assume you are a young working professional and not a college kid. Um, excuse me, bartender, I don’t know if you noticed but I am currently wearing leggings and this eyeliner is blatantly leftover from last night, so I’m going to need you to go ahead and card me.

5. You have a well-rehearsed, knee jerk response to the question “So what are you doing next year?” You’ve had this bullshit response memorized for months and can recite it as automatically as the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s filled with vague buzzwords like “considering” and “exploring” and it lasts for several sentences while successfully communicating absolutely nothing.

6. You’re suddenly envious of freshmen. Sure, they’re probably still in the middle of a dramatic saga with their high school ex and can’t get into any parties on campus, but that said their biggest concern for next year is what color scheme they’re going to use to decorate their dorm while you’re stuck Googling “What is health insurance?”

7. Your post-grad friends start texting you cryptic messages about “the end.” You: Yeah, senior year has been a blast so far! Post-grad friend: That’s good. Just enjoy it while it lasts! You: Haha yeah, I plan on it J Post-grad friend: No. Seriously. Savor every last drop of freedom while you still can.

8. You realize that Thirsty Thursdays are about to go extinct. And you start waking up on Friday mornings with soul-crushing hangovers and a renewed sense of anxiety about your future.

9. Your dad makes you fill out your own tax return paperwork. Because he wants you to be ready for the real world and apparently this is the kind of miserable, unavoidable activity that real life adults do.

10. Your parents start making jokes about being your new roommates. And this makes you actually suck it up and start reading those job search engine e-mails.

11. You start becoming more concerned with where your friends are from and how far the drive is from where you live. Wait, so how many hours away is that? 8? Well, at least gas is cheap… and FaceTime is a thing.

12. The thought occurs to you that maybe you should figure out things like doing laundry on a regular basis and not considering “drunk food” an actual food group. But what other category does Goldfish dunked in Nutella fall under?

This article was originally published on Her Campus Fairfield’s website on April 1st, 2015. 

21 Realities of Being Awkward in Class

1. When you arrive to class late and have to sit in a lefty desk when you’re clearly a righty.
fresh prince
2. When you’re sick but self-conscious about coughing too much in class.
black lung 3. When you’re in a class with none of your friends, totally left out of the pre-class banter, just staring at your phone.
awk texting
4. When you e-mailed the professor before class and they completely blew you off.


5. When you’re asked to read aloud and you completely word jumble.
laters 6. When you’re trying to subtly eat something during class but the wrapper is being super loud.
emma stone 7. When the teacher thinks you’re raising your hand, but you’re just fixing your hair.
elsa 8. When your seat is next to the heating/cooling system and you spend the whole class being pelted in the face by air.
blow 7. When you have to pick for group projects and it’s like a social version of musical chairs.
fucking ppl 8. When you’re trying to decide if you want to be the only person in class who uses a laptop.
tom hanks 9. When you haven’t done the homework and are desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the professor.
dont look at me 10. When your stomach won’t stop grumbling in class.
lay off im starving 11. When you didn’t bother getting the textbook for that class and have to play it off for the entire semester.
you can do it
12. When you need to cross the room but feel like everyone is going to be watching you and your awkwardness.
jen law 12. When the professor calls on you to answer a random question and you literally have no idea.
clueless 13. When you brought the wrong notebook to class and have to write notes in a different one, knowing you threw off your entire system.
im freakin pissed 14. When you get into class and somebody is sitting in your unofficially assigned seat.
zoe 15. When you’re at the front of the room about to give a class presentation but you can’t remember what your Gmail password is.
coke bottle 16. When you go to low-key check your phone during class and Siri blows your cover.
big sean 17. When the person who sits in front of you is taking too long to pack up their stuff and you have to awkwardly stand there.
waiting 18. When the teacher mentions an assignment that you had no idea was a thing.


This article was posted on Her Campus Fairfield‘s website on February 23, 2015.


Fairfield blog, Her Campus, gains international recognition

This article was written by Monet Monterosso and was featured in The Fairfield Mirror on February 16th, 2015.



“On Feb. 4 in the Aloysius P. Kelley Center, Her Campus celebrated their first birthday by hosting a pink party with both Brittany Lewis (Director of Community Development & Strategic Programming) and Windsor Hanger Western (Co-founder, President & Publisher) as special guest speakers.

Her Campus is a digital media magazine that is produced by women for college-age women. The issue is put out online five days a week, and its purpose is to both inform and entertain. Her Campus Fairfield is led by Amanda McKelvey ‘15 and Danielle Tullo ‘15. Both Campus Correspondents are truly responsible for Her Campus’ successful inaugural year. A year ago, they both felt that Fairfield was missing something in the digital media field and so they brought Her Campus to Fairfield with help from Stephanie Gallo, associate director of the Career Planning Center and acting staff advisor.

“I’m here to guide them, but really these two are independent and so strong just on their own,” said Gallo on the passion of the Her Campus team.

Her Campus immediately grew into something much bigger than Fairfield. Since the Internet is such a simple tool to reach out to many people, that is exactly what it did.

McKelvey felt that “Her Campus’ success couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for our readers. We used to get 3,300 views and now we get over 75,000 views because now friends of friends are reading it from all over the world and we have to thank them for the success we’ve achieved in this one year.”

Before the celebration of their first birthday, both Hanger Western and Lewis spoke about their own personal experience with Her Campus and their strength as a woman. The talk given by the two speakers had a big impact on the Her Campus team, both professionally and emotionally.

“I really liked how they touched on the topics of resumes and cover letters. As a freshman we don’t know a lot about it. They mentioned great tips and advice for the future,” said Adelyn Galang ‘18.

In addition to professional advice, the speakers also increased the morale of the group, leaving many members feeling empowered after listening to Lewis and Hanger Western speak.

“It’s really important for college women in this industry to hear from women who came from the ground up. Being a freshman it’s so nice to hear from such influential women,” said Caroline Metcalf-Vera ‘18.

“I enjoyed how they both focused on women empowerment. We need to be inspired,” added Katherine Duncan ‘18.

Both speakers continually praised what the progress Her Campus has made at Fairfield in just one year. Fairfield is among 13 schools internationally recognized as a Pink Chapter, which is the highest level attainable. This feat truly impressed the Her Campus representatives.

Additionally, Her Campus Fairfield has started a new program with Lord & Taylor, which allows hands-on experience in career paths that are of interest to the Her Campus team.

The Lord & Taylor program is a collaboration between Her Campus and Lord & Taylor. The point of this program is to promote Lord and Taylor for the collegiettes on campus all over. The reason why Lord & Taylor was chosen for this program is because this department store gives power to women being the first department store to ever name a woman as president.

“I was apart of the Lord & Taylor new program that we have here and it’s a great hands on program starting with a really good start with getting involved. It’s also really nice to work with a committed and well rounded team,” said Rachel Anderson ‘18.

The Her Campus team ended their celebration with a “Happy Birthday and Thank you” toast, cupcakes, a group selfie and lots of mingling. With the celebration at the back of their heads, the Her Campus Correspondents are now left with the hard decision of who to pass the torch to after graduation to continue the chapter’s success.

“I need someone that will take care of it and I want to see it grow. Her Campus is about having an outlet to give their passion to for the love of reading and writing it,” said McKelvey.

Senior Danielle Tullo agreed with McKelvey, and stressed the opportunity Her Campus gives to Fairfield women: “Through it all, [Her Campus’] goal of giving women on Fairfield’s campus the opportunity to write has been fulfilled with the success of allowing them to get into a program that is focused on the concept that ‘You make dreams happen for yourself.’”

Executive Bio for Her Campus Fairfield

MaryKate Callahan – Managing Editor

“MaryKate Callahan ’15 was the original Managing Editor for Her Campus Fairfield and has most recently started focusing on the Blog Section of Her Campus Fairfield. Her life philosophy, which particularly applies to food and music, is “Don’t bash it until you try it.” She believes the best accessory is a sense of humor and/or anything Kate Spade. Basically, her quest in life is to find a career path that she loves, master winged liquid eyeliner, spend a day with Bill Murray and eat all of the guacamole.”

exec bio pic

This bio was featured on Her Campus Fairfield’s Facebook page on February 13th, 2015. 

12 Things You’ll Overhear During Finals Week

studying giphy

It’s the most wonderful STRESSFUL time of the year! “Tis the season for highlighters, all-nighters and notable caffeine abuse! As you find yourself milling about campus this week, probably moving only to get coffee or find another study sport, you are sure to hear a lot of chatter about finals week. Whether it’s people complaining about their workload, the professor that’s out to get them, the last time they’ve seen daylight, etc., you’re sure to hear some, if not all, of the following.

1. “This is legit my sixth cup of coffee.”
2. “My professor put things on the review sheet that we didn’t even go over in class, and it’s just like seriously, why do you hate us.”
3. “All I want to do right now is cuddle up and watch Christmas movies but instead I have to study for this stupid final.”
4. “This paper doesn’t even make sense but whatever, I’m over it at this point.”
5. “I can’t even remember what my bed looks like.”
6. *scrolls through Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitt-* “OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO STOP PROCRASTINATING.”
7. “[Professor’s name here] is such a hardo, his/her final is going to be impossible, I know it.”
8. “I’ve seriously been in the lib forever.”
9. “Wait, do you think they’d be willing to send me their study guide?”
10. “Of course, my final would be at 8 AM.”
11. “Can I just fast-forward to winter break already?”
12. “Honestly, I don’t even care about my GPA at this point, I just want to be done.”

Things We Love: Zen Ride

When I walked into ZenRide Spinning Studio, I have to admit, I was a little nervous. It had nothing to do with the budding new Fairfield business, but rather the fact that I had never been to a spin class before. It was one of those things that I’d always wanted to try but had never gotten around to. But after contacting Jessica Gray, the owner and hands-on-operator of ZenRide, I was finally going to find out what spinning was all about! So on Monday October 20th, I logged onto zen-ride.com and reserved my spot in the 7 p.m. TotalBodyZen class.

When I arrived a few minutes early, I was greeted by Jessica and her two adorable children, Mason and Dylan. As she started telling me about ZenRide and her personal relationship with spinning (a very positive one, as one would guess), I couldn’t help but notice that she was able to greet and say goodbye to every person by name that walked through the door. To me, that’s something that’s really important, knowing that I’m not just a number, but a person worth recognizing.

When she was showing me around the actual spin studio itself, I was a little surprised to see that it had such a calm and relaxing environment; the lighting was low and there were candles set up around the room. All of the bikes were in the middle, facing the front of the room where the instructor’s bike is. Jessica brought me to the bike I’d reserved and showed me how to adjust the bike and also taught me all of the poses that would be referenced throughout the class. By the time 7 p.m. rolled around, I felt prepared (and excited and okay, still a little nervous) for my first ride.

I lucked out going to the class that I did because it was with Peter G., a wonderful spinning instructor who was very energetic and outgoing. He went out of his way to make the class a friendly and unintimidating environment. Throughout the 50 minute class, he would call out various instructions about poses and speeds, but always made a point to remind everyone to “do what is challenging and fulfilling for YOU,” emphasizing that everybody should have a personal experience, whatever their level of fitness may be. I was very happy to learn that it was “Mash-up Monday” featuring awesome song mash-ups that Peter had created himself. As somebody who relies heavily on music during a workout, I loved having some original and motivating music to pedal to- it really got me through some harder parts of the workout! Probably my favorite part of the entire class was when Peter belted out the lyrics to “Set Fire To the Rain” by Adele but changed the words to, “And I set fire…. to your legs!” The class definitely got my heart rate up and I was totally covered in sweat by the end of it, but I can’t remember the last time I felt so satisfied from a workout.

zen ride staff

I highly recommend checking out ZenRide. Not only is it a relaxing yet energizing way to spend an hour of your day, but it is also a great way to spice up your workout routine! With the weather getting too cold to run outside and working out becoming more of a chore than a release, spinning might be a great alternative for you! Plus, it is so close to both the beach and campus (it’s located in the Bob’s shopping center right next to Village Bagel.) Not only does ZenRide offer some great student discounts (seriously affordable), it is also officially accepting StagBucks! Plus, your first class at ZenRide is free, so why not check it out? If you do, be excited for a great experience and make sure you tell Jessica and all of the friendly staff at ZenRide that I say hi!

This article was posted on Her Campus Fairfield‘s website on November 04, 2014.

22 Random Thoughts Girls Have Everyday

leslie knope gif

Like many girls in college, I find that my mind is constantly racing. Between trying to finish my homework, from “healthy college-budget shopping lists” (which I’m convinced are entirely fictional, by the way), answer e-mails, catalogue everyday encounters as tweets (@MKateItorLoveIt), work out and actually pay attention during class, a typical day leaves my brain whirring like an overheated laptop. Even when I’m not consciously trying to think about anything, the most random things pop into my head. The following are just a few of the recurring thoughts that I, along with many other girls, run into quite frequently.

  1. I should really do a juice cleanse.
  2. I wonder if anybody will notice that I wore these jeans yesterday… and every other day this week.
  3. Okay, I’m just going to sit and write a list of the things I need to do.
  4. I need to get my nails done, ASAP. But what color?
  5. A 136 second My Story? *judges accordingly*
  6. I wonder what Beyoncé is doing right now.
  7. Ugh, I want an adorable little baby!  (… not seriously though, I can barely take care of myself.)
  8. I need another coffee.
  9. There is definitely some e-mail somewhere that I forgot to answer.
  10. Seriously though, how do girls manage to look good at the gym? Teach me your ways, blonde pony-tail, Lulu Lemon leggings girl. 
  11. *when a friend gives you the latest update about their life* I know, I already saw your tweet/Insta/Snap about it earlier.
  12. Blake Lively is literally perfection.
  13. I wish I could go somewhere with no WiFi and just disconnect for a while.
  14. *sees cool DIY thing on Pinterest* Once I’m not so busy with school and stuff I’m totally going to do this. *never does it*
  15. How many days until Christmas?
  16. Which color folder do I use for this class?
  17. I can’t tell if this messy pony is messy-chic or like I overslept this morning. Which I totally did.
  18. I should call Nana.
  19. Should I get Chipotle for dinner… again? 
  20. North West is less than 2 years old and is already more stylish than I will ever be. 
  21. “Cause the players gonna play play play play play and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate…” 
  22. I still need another coffee.

This article was published on Her Campus Fairfield’s website on October 29th, 2014.